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FMBT37 - "Feeling" - Trần Thành Long - HS thầy Đức - FMBT2016


Hi! I’m a big brother in my class. Long time no learn! It’s really hard for me to learn english now, study as a student. Oh my God! My classmates are almost student, just three of them are working for the company like me. They are young and enthusiasm! The class is always exited because of teacher Duc. He knows to make the lesson funny and simple. That’s help me and others to learn the lesson easier. I think he’s a pretty good english teacher that I have learned. A funny teacher with funny lessons make us sometimes forget we are in class. But sometimes, the pupils are afraid of him because of homeworks, haha. Sometimes, he gives the homeworks too many. Some of pupils worked very hard to finish almost of them. Others couldn’t make it. Teacher Duc will be angry. But I know one thing, sometimes, no one can finish his mountain homeworks, haha! Just kidding!

Only remaining three lessons, and after that the course is going to finish. I’ll miss all my little friends. With them, I have a chance to go back school, make some photographs, become a part of Nhung’s summary record.

Although, sometimes, the class went down. But teacher Duc know how to make it up.

Whatever, I like my class and like my teacher!

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